Inspiring presentation – Coherent performance – Convincing speech


In my many years working as a presenter, during which I experienced a lot of presentations, I realized one thing very clearly:

No matter how competent the person is, how interesting the idea, how amazing the product, how important the statement, if you do not manage to capture your audience, to help them understand your thoughts and to reach your listeners, even the best message will disappear into thin air.


But presenting with passion and inspiration is not rocket science.

With techniques used in acting, moderation and journalism you will learn to

  • Use your voice and body language in the perfect way
  • Perform with confidence and likeability 
  • Develop and extend your stage presence 
  • Speak lively and convincing

I offer coaching in small groups (4-10 people) as well as individually designed trainings.

Please contact me if you are interested in my workshop and training portfolio.


What makes me different from all the other coaches and trainers?

Apart from being bilingual and therefore able to do the briefing and training either in German and/or English, which makes me ideal, especially for international companies, I have been standing on stage, in front of the camera and microphone for over 15 years and can therefore draw on years of experience.